Our eggs are produced on small local and big sized farms, which directly supports local communities and businesses. These farms have the ability to produce quality commodity and specialty eggs including Cage Free and Organic which are antibiotic and hormone free. We keep our hens healthy and happy because we are committed to providing a safe and affordable product to consumers with very strong standards of quality, health and safety.

Every step we make to get the product into your local supermarkets is filled with love, gentle care and happiness. We strongly believe that happy chickens lay excellent quality eggs and excellent eggs make consumers happy which is the key to our success. The Sunshine Farms name was born because of our sun which has that warm and comfortable feeling which we want to share with our consumers. We want to be as close as possible to the nature and what could be better than the warm sun rays touching your skin giving you that amazing warmth and secure feeling. Sunshine Farms name was created with true intentions to provide your family with peace of nature, care and love. We want to provide service as though you were our own family. This the way how we want to be related with our consumers and be recognized amongst them. Our strategy is not just to provide eggs on your table but to be connected with you inner ways and remind you how beautiful life is.

Sunshine Farms eggs are available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut. We are working with Natural Foods which is our official distributor in all those states. You are in good hands knowing that our Sunshine Farms eggs will be delivered to your local Supermarket, Farmers Market, Organic store with gentle care, quality and timely delivery. We have a wonderful relationship with Natural Foods for many years and they prove the capability to do an extraordinary job with professionalism which is very difficult to find these days.

We want to say Thank You for choosing our brand, for putting trust in us, for keeping us motivated and letting us work as hard as we can so we could keep giving you quality service, love, care and happiness. Thank you!!!